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We're proud to announce the release and sale of Skrang: Sounds Like Bobby Sutliff. It's 18 Sutliff tunes performed by a bunch of friends, colleagues and fans. Check back over the coming month as we add new items to our catalog!

Skrang - Bobby Sutliff Tribute CD

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SKRANG: Sounds Like Bobby Sutliff

  • Limitied Edition benefit CD
  • Eighteen fantastic cover versions
  • All proceeds benefit Bobby Sutliff
  • Performances by members of Rain Parade, True West, dBs and Wilco



  1. Velvet Crush (w/Matthew Sweet) Second Choice
  2. John Thomas Make a Fool Outta Me
  3. John Stirratt (Wilco) Girl from Washington
  4. Matt Piucci (Rain Parade) That Stupid Idea
  5. Anderson Council Griffin Bay
  6. Peter Holsapple (dB's) Ballygrand
  7. Will Kimbrough Off & On
  8. David Minchew Change the Way
  9. Bill Lloyd Same Way Tomorrow
  10. Tom Stevens (Long Ryders) Bitter Fruit
  11. Don Dixon New Red Shoes
  12. Tim Lee 3 I Thought You Knew
  13. Donovan's Brain Oh Lorelei
  14. Jeff Lewis Elam Bridge
  15. Michael Carpenter Long Red Bottle of Wine
  16. Kirk Swan (Dumptruck) From a Distance
  17. Russ Tolman (True West) Devil & the Sea
  18. Koenig's Road Ghost Town


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